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It's so weird... TIME. Even MORE weird of you being gone. Didn't realize how MUCH of myself was around YOU... And, NOW? YOU, areN'T here anymore. Well... physically, that is. I have been trying to find things to occupy my time.  No short measure of things in NEED of accomplishment. The house is almost spotless... THAT is an interesting feat.  As I have been cleaning, couldn't help but smile at the thoughts gone through my head. Specifically about time management. The night God chose your last breath to be taken, the BCI investigator asked for me to describe the days events. Ironically, someone close was verbally judgemental about the condition of my home. And, you know... even in the moment... I couldn't really put into words what took place on a "normal" day for us... I guess, because I didn't even realize it... how much time we had intertwined. It is easy for people to look from the outside in... and just see from their point of view.  BUT, if you RE

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